Dedication Of the Dorchester Women’s Mural

frederica wald

The Dorchester Women’s Mural is almost ready for its big reveal, Freddi Wald and the people of Cambridge are excitedly awaiting what this attraction could mean for the town. The news of this mural being in the works unleashed waves of excitement in the community, and with the work almost ready for its close-up, the town is once again alit with excitement over the occasion. 

With this amount of planning put into this piece, and with how long the reveal has taken due to COVID’s unprecedented timeframe, it’s only right to make the ceremony of it’s showcasing a big one. 

The Planning of The Mural

The mural itself is an art project, entirely funded by the Cambridge Community Arts Foundation, Inc. The canvas of choice was selected due to its aging look in a rather populous area of the city. With the high traffic, and with it being in the eye line of countless people on a daily basis, it only felt perfect for the location of the painting.

When the foundation called for the proposals, they were met with a response from young artists all around the state, sending in their ideas for the best way to represent the guidelines of the call to art. The only thing they were told was to represent some of the notable women of Dorchester County.

Of 17 responses, only one made the cut, and for good reason! Bridget Ciminomade it her own personal challenge to be able to showcase every single woman put on the proposal, and even took the time to hand-paint her submission rather than turning in something computer-generated.

When she was chosen, Cimino wasted no time in putting in hard work. She worked tirelessly on the mural, making it even better than the design she had submitted. To really make the painting special to the Dorchester residents, she even allotted a day in which citizens of the town could come and try their hand at her art piece, truly making it a community effort.

freddi wald

The Reveal

The paint is dry, the mural complete, and the city has planned to bring it the attention it deserves by having a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 13th, 2022. This event invites the citizens of Maryland to come together and celebrate the momentous occasion, unveiling the art piece to more than just the county.

The Dorchester women showcased in the mural include Harriet Tubman, Bea Arthur, Annie Oakley, and more- some of which are even planning to attend the ceremony, making it a truly noteworthy occasion for Maryland as a whole, much less Cambridge county.

Located on 518 Poplar Street, the mural of notable women of color and diversity also highlights the symbolism for the country. In a time of strife, it’s vital to call to all voices to be represented and honored, and this art piece does exactly that. 

With Cimino putting in the proposal to extend the mural to the adjacent 516 Poplar Street (and it being met with deep excitement), it’s safe to assume that Cambridge County will only continue to dedicate more of its rich history to the powerful women of the past and present.